Praktikum bei IBC SOLAR AG

Name: Viji Vijayakumar

Bereich: Battery Storage Systems Solutions (BASS)

Jahr: 2018

Studienrichtung: Analytical Instruments, Mesurement and Sensor technology

Hochschule: Hochschule Coburg

Semester: 3. Semester

My name is Viji Vijayakumar. I am pursuing masters in “Analytical Instruments, Measurement and Sensor Technology”.

During my internship semester at Battery Storage Systems Solutions (BASS) team of IBC SOLAR, I gained a lot of technical experience. The main task was to commission, test and analyze the performance of a grid connected PV system and Battery storage which is monitored and regulated by an Energy management system. Apart from that, I was also involved in the developments that took place in MOLL battery storage project.

I was involved in a wide range of tasks in the business development of BASS team which gave me an insight in business economics as well. Overall, I was entitled with a multitude of tasks, which enriched my engineering as well as business skills. Moreover, the working atmosphere was extremely comfortable.

Apart from that, I got opportunity to visit the solar parks with the professionals and understand the activities involved in the operation and maintenance of the solar park. Moreover, I developed various single line diagrams in autocad for the solar pv installations including various electrical vehicle charging points and other significant loads.

In short, my 4-month long internship at IBC SOLAR was quite interesting.

Thanks and regards,

Viji Vijayakumar